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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows

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Enterprise Grade Tooling for your GraphQL server
GraphQL Modules is a toolset of libraries and guidelines dedicated to create reusable, maintainable, testable and extendable modules out of your GraphQL server.
  • Reusable Modules
    Reusable Modules
    Modules are defined by their GraphQL schema (Schema first design)
  • Scalable Structure
    Scalable Structure
    Manage multiple teams and features, multiple micro-services and servers
  • Gradual Growth
    Gradual Growth
    A clear, gradual path from a very simple and fast, single-file modules, to scalable ones
  • Testable
    A rich toolset around testing, mocking and separation
Integrates with yourserver
GraphQL Modules is a set of extra tools, structures and guidelines around the amazing Apollo Server 2.0. You’ll see how effective those tools are once you’ll start growing and scaling your GraphQL server.

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